How do you retrieve historical subscription data with Klaviyo Toolkit?

Klaviyo ToolKit only starts tracking subscription data after the plugin and subscription event settings have been activated. It does not (currently) sync historical subscription data retroactively.

If you’re looking to get your subscription statuses for all subscriptions synced into Klaviyo, you can do so by:

  1. Setting up Klaviyo flows to create/update a custom profile properties for “status”.
  2. Export your subscription statuses from WooCommerce using our export tool and import the statuses into Klaviyo.

If configured correctly, you will have all current subscription statuses in Klaviyo and keep them in sync moving forward.

You can read our complete guide on this here:
Tracking WooCommerce subscription status in Klaviyo with custom profile properties

If you’d like to hire us to accomplish this for you, we do offer a service. You can learn more about it here: