Adding your latest blog posts into your Klaviyo campaigns using RSS feeds

Turning this option on will add your featured post images to your WordPress RSS feeds. This will allow you to create a custom data feed within Klaviyo, for your blog posts and then include those blog posts into your flows and campaigns.

How to set up a campaign to automatically pull your latest posts

  1. Turn on the “Add images to WordPress RSS feeds” option.

2. Head over to and click the “Add Web Feed” button:

3. Create a name, select your content type as “XML” and fill your feed URL. It should be “”.

4. Create a new campaign and open the email content editor.
5. Select the data feed you just created to use in the email

6. Add a new “Table” block to your email

7. Edit your table block and make sure you only have 2 columns

8. Click the “Rows” tab, then the “Dynamic” tab, then select the “Data Source” tab.

  1. Enter the following into the “Row Collection” field:
  2. Enter the following into the “Row Collection” field:

11. Enter the following into the “Row Alias” field: item

12. Click the “Column 1” tab, then click the “Source” button and add the following:

<img src="{{ item.image }}" />

13. Click the “Column 2” tab and click the “Source” button. Add the following:

<h2>{{ item.title }}</h2> <br /> <a href="{{ }}">View Post</a>
  1. Save your content and you’re done! The email will now pull posts from your WordPress post feed.